Products by Parent Name: Anthracene

Total Products: 7

CAS Number: 189811-60-7
Chemical Name: Anthracene-13C6
Molecular Formula: C813C6H10
Molecular Weight: 184.19


CAS Number: 1719-06-8
Chemical Name: Anthracene-d10
Molecular Formula: C14D10
Molecular Weight: 188.29

Benz[a]anthracen-3-ol-d11 (Major)

CAS Number: NA
Chemical Name: Benz[a]anthracen-3-ol-d11 (Major)
Molecular Formula: C19D11HO
Molecular Weight: 255.36


CAS Number: NA
Chemical Name: Benz[a]anthracene-13C6
Molecular Formula: C1213C6H12
Molecular Weight: 234.24


CAS Number: 1391054-65-1
Chemical Name: Benz[a]anthracene-7-methanol-13C
Molecular Formula: C1813CH14O
Molecular Weight: 259.31

Benz[a]anthracene-7-methanol-13C 7-Acetate

CAS Number: 1391053-07-8
Chemical Name: Benz[a]anthracene-7-methanol-13C 7-Acetate
Molecular Formula: C2013CH16O2
Molecular Weight: 301.34

Benz[j]aceanthrylene-13C2,d2 and Benz[e]aceanthrylene-13C2,d2

CAS Number: NA
Chemical Name: Benz[j]aceanthrylene-13C2,d2 and Benz[e]aceanthrylene-13C2,d2
Molecular Formula: C1813C2H10D2
Molecular Weight: 256.31