Products by Parent Name: Bufuralol

Total Products: 9
1'-Hydroxy Bufuralol (Mixture of Diastereomers)

CAS Number: 57704-16-2
Chemical Name: 1'-Hydroxy Bufuralol (Mixture of Diastereomers)
Molecular Formula: C16H23NO3
Molecular Weight: 277.36

1'-Hydroxy Bufuralol-d9 (Mixture of Diastereomers)

CAS Number: 1185069-74-2
Chemical Name: 1'-Hydroxy Bufuralol-d9 (Mixture of Diastereomers)
Molecular Formula: C16H14D9NO3
Molecular Weight: 286.41

1’-Oxobufuralol Hydrochloride

CAS Number: 137740-37-5
Chemical Name: 1’-Oxobufuralol Hydrochloride
Molecular Formula: C16H22ClNO3
Molecular Weight: 311.81


CAS Number: 59664-03-8
Chemical Name: 2-Acetyl-7-ethylbenzofuran
Molecular Formula: C112H12O2
Molecular Weight: 188.22

3-Tert-Butyl-5-[7-(Hydroxyethyl)-2-benzofuranyl]-2-oxazolidinone(Mixture of Diastereomers)

CAS Number: 1076199-70-6
Chemical Name: 3-Tert-Butyl-5-[7-(Hydroxyethyl)-2-benzofuranyl]-2-oxazolidinone(Mixture of Diastereomers)
Molecular Formula: C17H21NO4
Molecular Weight: 303.36

Bufuralol - API

CAS Number: 54340-62-4
Chemical Name: Bufuralol
Molecular Formula: C16H23NO2
Molecular Weight: 261.37

Bufuralol Hydrochloride

CAS Number: 60398-91-6
Chemical Name: Bufuralol Hydrochloride
Molecular Formula: C16H24ClNO2
Molecular Weight: 297.82

Bufuralol-d9 Hydrochloride

CAS Number: 1173023-51-2
Chemical Name: Bufuralol-d9 Hydrochloride
Molecular Formula: C16H15D9ClNO2
Molecular Weight: 306.88


CAS Number: 1076199-68-2
Chemical Name: rac-3-Tert-Butyl-5-(7-Ethyl-2-Benzofuranyl)-2-oxazolidinone
Molecular Formula: C17H21NO3
Molecular Weight: 287.36