Products by Parent Name: Equilin

Total Products: 9

CAS Number: NA
Chemical Name: 17-Dihydroequilin
Molecular Formula: C18H22O2
Molecular Weight: 270.37

17β-Dihydro Equilin-16,16,17-d3

CAS Number: 350820-03-0
Chemical Name: 17β-Dihydro Equilin-16,16,17-d3
Molecular Formula: C18H19D3O2
Molecular Weight: 273.38


CAS Number: 1276056-90-6
Chemical Name: 17β-Dihydroequilenin-4,16,16-d3
Molecular Formula: C18H17D3O2
Molecular Weight: 271.37

8,9-Dehydro Estrone-d2

CAS Number: 1219799-27-5
Chemical Name: 8,9-Dehydro Estrone-d2
Molecular Formula: C18H18D2O2
Molecular Weight: 270.36

Equilin - API

CAS Number: 474-86-2
Chemical Name: Equilin
Molecular Formula: C18H20O2
Molecular Weight: 268.35

Equilin 3-Sulfate-d4 Sodium Salt (stabilized with TRIS, 50% w/w)

CAS Number: 285979-81-9
Chemical Name: Equilin 3-Sulfate-d4 Sodium Salt (stabilized with TRIS, 50% w/w)
Molecular Formula: C18H15D4NaO5S
Molecular Weight: 374.42


CAS Number: 285979-79-5
Chemical Name: Equilin-d4
Molecular Formula: C18H16D4O2
Molecular Weight: 272.37

Equilin-d4 3-O-β-D-Glucuronide Sodium Salt

CAS Number: NA
Chemical Name: Equilin-d4 3-O-β-D-Glucuronide Sodium Salt
Molecular Formula: C24H24D4NaO8
Molecular Weight: 470.48

Sodium 17β-Dihydroequilin-2,4,16,16-d4 3-Sulfate

CAS Number: 352431-51-7
Chemical Name: Sodium 17β-Dihydroequilin-2,4,16,16-d4 3-Sulfate
Molecular Formula: C18H17D4NaO5S
Molecular Weight: 376.44