Products by Parent Name: Flurbiprofen

Total Products: 35
(2-Fluoro-4-biphenyl)acetic Acid

CAS Number: 5001-96-7
Chemical Name: (2-Fluoro-4-biphenyl)acetic Acid
Molecular Formula: C14H11FO2
Molecular Weight: 230.23


CAS Number: 51543-40-9
Chemical Name: (R)-Flurbiprofen
Molecular Formula: C15H13FO2
Molecular Weight: 244.26


CAS Number: NA
Chemical Name: (S)-2-Flurbiprofen-d3
Molecular Formula: C15H10D3FO2
Molecular Weight: 247.28


CAS Number: 51543-39-6
Chemical Name: (S)-Flurbiprofen
Molecular Formula: C15H13FO2
Molecular Weight: 244.27


CAS Number: 2002-82-6
Chemical Name: 1-(3-Amino-4-fluorophenyl)ethanone
Molecular Formula: 2002-82-6
Molecular Weight: 153.16


CAS Number: 1206101-29-2
Chemical Name: 2',3''-difluoro-1,1':4',1'':4'',1'''-quaterphenyl
Molecular Formula: C24H16F2
Molecular Weight: 342.39

2-(4'-Acetyl-2-fluoro-biphenyl-4-yl)-propionic Acid Methyl Ester

CAS Number: 215175-83-0
Chemical Name: 2-(4'-Acetyl-2-fluoro-biphenyl-4-yl)-propionic Acid Methyl Ester
Molecular Formula: C18H17FO3
Molecular Weight: 300.32

2-(4'-Acetyl-2-fluoro-biphenyl-4-yl)propionic Acid-d3 Methyl Ester

CAS Number: 1185157-06-5
Chemical Name: 2-(4'-Acetyl-2-fluoro-biphenyl-4-yl)propionic Acid-d3 Methyl Ester
Molecular Formula: C18H14D3FO3
Molecular Weight: 303.34


CAS Number: 52806-72-1
Chemical Name: 2-Amino-7-(hydroxymethyl)-4(3H)-pteridinone
Molecular Formula: C15H15NO2
Molecular Weight: 241.29


CAS Number: 69168-29-2
Chemical Name: 2-Fluoro-4-methylbiphenyl
Molecular Formula: C13H11F
Molecular Weight: 186.22

3',4'-Dihydroxy Flurbiprofen

CAS Number: 66067-41-2
Chemical Name: 3',4'-Dihydroxy Flurbiprofen
Molecular Formula: C15H13FO4
Molecular Weight: 276.26

3',4'-Dimethoxy Flurbiprofen

CAS Number: 1346601-72-6
Chemical Name: 3',4'-Dimethoxy Flurbiprofen
Molecular Formula: C17H17FO4
Molecular Weight: 304.31

3',4'-Dimethoxy α-Desmethyl Flurbiprofen

CAS Number: 1346604-78-1
Chemical Name: 3',4'-Dimethoxy α-Desmethyl Flurbiprofen
Molecular Formula: C16H15FO4
Molecular Weight: 290.29


CAS Number: 1346601-39-5
Chemical Name: 3',4'-Dimethoxy-2-fluoro-4-methylbiphenyl
Molecular Formula: C15H15FO2
Molecular Weight: 246.28

4'-Hydroxy Flurbiprofen

CAS Number: 52807-12-2
Chemical Name: 4'-Hydroxy Flurbiprofen
Molecular Formula: C15H13FO3
Molecular Weight: 260.26

4'-Hydroxy Flurbiprofen-d3

CAS Number: 1189694-02-7
Chemical Name: 4'-Hydroxy Flurbiprofen-d3
Molecular Formula: C15H10D3FO3
Molecular Weight: 263.28


CAS Number: 321-62-0
Chemical Name: 4-(2-Fluorophenyl)phenol
Molecular Formula: C12H9FO
Molecular Weight: 188.2


CAS Number: 55258-76-9
Chemical Name: 4-Ethyl-2-fluoro-1,1'-biphenyl
Molecular Formula: C14H13F
Molecular Weight: 200.26


CAS Number: 1329833-67-1
Chemical Name: Biprofen-d3
Molecular Formula: C15H11D3O2
Molecular Weight: 229.29

Diethyl 2-(4-amino-3-fluorophenyl)-2-methylmalonate

CAS Number: 78543-08-5
Chemical Name: Diethyl 2-(4-amino-3-fluorophenyl)-2-methylmalonate
Molecular Formula: C14H18FNO4
Molecular Weight: 283.3

Flurbiprofen - API

CAS Number: 5104-49-4
Chemical Name: Flurbiprofen
Molecular Formula: C15H13FO2
Molecular Weight: 244.26

Flurbiprofen - Impurity A (Freebase)

CAS Number: 6341-72-6
Chemical Name: (2RS)-2-(Biphenyl-4-yl)propanoic Acid
Molecular Formula: C15H14O2
Molecular Weight: 226.27

Flurbiprofen - Impurity B

CAS Number: 1797883-74-9
Chemical Name: 2-(2-Fluorobiphenyl-4-yl)-2,3-dimethylbutanedioic Acid
Molecular Formula: C18H17FO4
Molecular Weight: 316.32

Flurbiprofen - Impurity C

CAS Number: 61466-95-3
Chemical Name: (2RS)-2-(2-Fluorobiphenyl-4-yl)-2-hydroxypropanoic Acid
Molecular Formula: C15H13FO3
Molecular Weight: 260.26

Flurbiprofen - Impurity D

CAS Number: 42771-79-9
Chemical Name: 1-(2-Fluorobiphenyl-4-yl)ethanone
Molecular Formula: C14H11FO
Molecular Weight: 214.23

Flurbiprofen - Impurity E

CAS Number: 137045-30-8
Chemical Name: 2-Fluorobiphenyl-4-carboxylic Acid
Molecular Formula: C13H9FO2
Molecular Weight: 216.21

Flurbiprofen Acyl-β-D-glucuronide (Mixture of Diastereomers)

CAS Number: 91683-37-3
Chemical Name: Flurbiprofen Acyl-β-D-glucuronide (Mixture of Diastereomers)
Molecular Formula: C21H21FO8
Molecular Weight: 420.39

Flurbiprofen Acyl-β-D-glucuronide Allyl Ester (Mixture of Diastereomers)

CAS Number: 1799830-00-4
Chemical Name: Flurbiprofen Acyl-β-D-glucuronide Allyl Ester (Mixture of Diastereomers)
Molecular Formula: C24H25FO8
Molecular Weight: 460.45

Flurbiprofen Acyl-β-D-glucuronide-d3 (Mixture of Diastereomers)

CAS Number: NA
Chemical Name: Flurbiprofen Acyl-β-D-glucuronide-d3 (Mixture of Diastereomers)
Molecular Formula: C21H18D3FO8
Molecular Weight: 423.4

Flurbiprofen Axetil

CAS Number: 91503-79-6
Chemical Name: Flurbiprofen Axetil
Molecular Formula: C19H19FO4
Molecular Weight: 330.35

Flurbiprofen Sulfate

CAS Number: 1159977-37-3
Chemical Name: Flurbiprofen Sulfate
Molecular Formula: C15H13FO5S
Molecular Weight: 324.32


CAS Number: 1185133-81-6
Chemical Name: Flurbiprofen-d3
Molecular Formula: C15H10D3FO2
Molecular Weight: 247.28

α-Methyl-4-propylphenylacetic Acid

CAS Number: 3585-47-5
Chemical Name: α-Methyl-4-propylphenylacetic Acid
Molecular Formula: C12H16O2
Molecular Weight: 192.15

Methyl Flurbiprofen

CAS Number: 66202-86-6
Chemical Name: Methyl Flurbiprofen
Molecular Formula: C16H15FO2
Molecular Weight: 258.29

Methyl Flurbiprofen-d3

CAS Number: 1189973-18-9
Chemical Name: Methyl Flurbiprofen-d3
Molecular Formula: C16H12D3FO2
Molecular Weight: 261.31