Products by Parent Name: Lubiprostone

Total Products: 10
(7α,11)-Dihydroxy-5-keto-12,12-difluorotetranorprosta-1,16-dioic Acid

CAS Number: 1246812-13-4
Chemical Name: (7α,11)-Dihydroxy-5-keto-12,12-difluorotetranorprosta-1,16-dioic Acid
Molecular Formula: C16H24F2O7
Molecular Weight: 366.36

15-Hydroxy Lubiprostone

CAS Number: 475992-30-4
Chemical Name: 15-Hydroxy Lubiprostone
Molecular Formula: C20H34F2O5
Molecular Weight: 392.48

15-Hydroxy Lubiprostone Phenylmethyl Ester-d7 (Mixture of Diastereomers)

CAS Number: 1346597-35-0
Chemical Name: 15-Hydroxy Lubiprostone Phenylmethyl Ester-d7 (Mixture of Diastereomers)
Molecular Formula: C27H33D7F2O5
Molecular Weight: 489.64

Lubiprostone (Mixture of Tautomeric Isomers)

CAS Number: 333963-40-9(ring-closed),136790-76-6(ring-opened)
Chemical Name: Lubiprostone (Mixture of Tautomeric Isomers)
Molecular Formula: C40H64F4O10
Molecular Weight: 780.94

Lubiprostone - API

CAS Number: 136790-76-6
Chemical Name: Lubiprostone
Molecular Formula: C20H32F2O5
Molecular Weight: 390.46

Lubiprostone hemiketal

CAS Number: 333963-40-9
Chemical Name: Lubiprostone hemiketal
Molecular Formula: C20H32F2O5
Molecular Weight: 390.47


CAS Number: 1217675-13-2
Chemical Name: Lubiprostone-d7
Molecular Formula: C20H25D7F2O5
Molecular Weight: 397.51


CAS Number: 1134188-25-2
Chemical Name: Lubiprostone-d9
Molecular Formula: C20H23D9F2O5
Molecular Weight: 399.52

O-Tetrahydropyranyl Lubiprostone

CAS Number: 876068-08-5
Chemical Name: O-Tetrahydropyranyl Lubiprostone
Molecular Formula: C25H40F2O6
Molecular Weight: 474.59

O-Tetrahydropyranyl Lubiprostone-d7

CAS Number: 1246812-24-7
Chemical Name: O-Tetrahydropyranyl Lubiprostone-d7
Molecular Formula: C25H33D7F2O6
Molecular Weight: 481.62